Challenge 1 : stress

When i’m stressed out from a test or something along those lines I’m often very distracted and the only thing that seems to “Unstress” me is playing video games. Some of the games I play are : minecraft, skyrim, mass effect. for some reason these pointless video games offer some relife from homework and chores. if you have played any of these games feel free to comment. the reason Im blogging about this is because it is the first in a series of challenges.


Challenge 1

10 thoughts on “Challenge 1 : stress

  1. Hey, I noticed your blog on the SBC page, and you seemed pretty cool, so I decided to see what your blogs were like!
    I also love playing video games to relieve stress. You also play games that I love; I have over two hundred hours logged on Skyrim, and have played Minecraft for almost 2 years. Mass Effect is one of my favorite games as well, and it was so much fun to play through the series. You should come check out my blog: I did a top 5 list of video games, you’d probably like it!
    Thanks, Will.

  2. Hey there! I noticed you like games such as Minecraft and Skyrim, so I decided to check your blog out~ I may be a complete newb when it comes to Skyrim and Minecraft, but hey, I’ve been trying to become better! It’d be awesome if you’d visit my blog;

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