canada’s tourist attractions

In this post I will be talking about Canada’s tourist attraction’s. Canada is not quite like most seem to think, many seem to think of it as a series of cold mountain lakes. when really we had no snow last winter where i’m from, and In my opinion we are very similar to the united states… our maple syrup is just better. anyway here are some of my favorite attractions. one of my favorites is Canada’s wonder land. it is a large amusement park near the city of Toronto. it houses the largest roller coaster in Canada and eighth largest in the world, it is called the Leviathan. another of my favorite attractions is Niagara falls it is one of the biggest water falls in the world. we share this natural wonder withe the united states. if you are in the parries of Canada i recommend the west Edmonton mall it is the biggest mall in north america and possibly the world. the CN tower is a fun attraction in Toronto it is the second tallest in the world. the final attraction i will talk about is jasper national park, possibly the only part of Canada that fits how other countries picture us. I can honestly say It is one of the most beautifule places I’ve ever been to.


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  1. Great post Aaron!! Lots of good ideas for places to visit. Add in a picture of one of the places you’ve mentioned to make your post more eye catching. Also, don’t forget capitals!

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