The avengers

Today I am doing a report on the movie The Avengers. it is a movie based on the marvel comic book series. atn first i was reluctant to watch it, but one night my dad took me to see it and i was supriesed to learn that between explosions it was actually very clever. i liked this movie so i give it eight out of ten stars. i think it is appropriate for people of any age to watch.

challenge 9

3 thoughts on “The avengers

  1. Hi, I am Alex. Why were you reluctant to watch it? Who is your favorite character? I personally think that this movie deserves at least 9 stars. I thought it was great. You should go check out my blog at

  2. Hello my name is Cullen. I saw that you are talking about the avengers. My favorite character is the Hulk because of what he does to Thor. Why don’t you visit my site at;

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