My top 5 games

1) my top game of all time is minecraft. I have talked about this game before, it is about breaking and placing blocks to build your shelter against the monsters it can be downloaded from the link above.

2) my  second  favorite is  skyrim it is the fifth in a series of games. it is a fantasy RPG based in a fantasy realm. in this game you take on a quest to save the world from a ancient terror.


3) my third favorite is assasion’s creed brotherhood. it is a game about completing a series of assassinations in the past to save the future


4) my next fav is halo 3. this game is the stunning conclusion to an epic series of saving earth from dangerous aliens.


5) mass effect 2 is anther fav of mine. it is an amazing rpg in space.

6 thoughts on “My top 5 games

  1. assassins creed brother hood is not good compared to revelations Aaron and ya mine craft is good and i still need to play your mass effect game :/

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